About ART+
To use ART+ and view the works, you will need to go to the mobile app store and download (or update) the app (Google Play or Apple Store). Links to the app stores are available at: https://artplus.app. You will need a phone or a tablet with an internet connection and GPS to view the artworks. ART+ will work on iPhones newer than 6S; and Android devices with ARCore. Unfortunately, ART+ will not work on devices that do not support Google Services.
If you do not have a compatible device or are unable to travel to the locations, ART+ works are also available in a web browser and can be viewed from anywhere, on any device with an internet connection. To view ART+ works in a web browser, visit the ART+ website (https://artplus.app/map). The works displayed in the browser are also created to allow ART+ viewers to plan their art viewing route and to select the works that interest them.
ART+ platform is created in Liepaja, managed by Liepaja media artists and ASTE (https://aste.gallery). ART+ works have been created with the support of Liepaja Municipality, Liepaja City Municipality Institution “Culture Department”, Kurzeme Planning Region and VKKF. KOD-1 model was created with the support of Kuldiga Digital Innovation Centre. The cannon model was made with the support of the Karosta Rescue Society.
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